Definition of break in two in US English:

break in two


  • Break into two parts.

    ‘the slate fell from my hand and broke in two on the hard floor’
    • ‘The 484 ton Norwegian steamer Gier hit the reef in 1908, and broke in two.’
    • ‘This can be done whether the ship is resting upside down, pitched at an angle or has broken in two.’
    • ‘It will break in two at the perfect spot.’
    • ‘Mr Patel struggled with the raider, Justin Conway, and the plastic gun broke in two.’
    • ‘He told her how his house had broken in two.’
    • ‘The holds and engine room flooded, she was abandoned and later caught fire, at some stage breaking in two.’
    • ‘Matt's heart had broken in two at that very moment.’
    • ‘Last September it broke in two, draining a trapped freshwater lake into the Arctic Ocean.’
    • ‘A plane breaks in two in midair; multi-colored thread denotes an explosion.’
    • ‘She felt her tears slide down her cheek, as she felt her heart break in two.’