Definition of break crop in US English:

break crop


  • A secondary crop grown to interrupt the repeated sowing of grain as part of crop rotation.

    • ‘The beet forms a good break crop on land that will not grow potatoes.’
    • ‘Chickpeas are proving to be an effective nitrogen-fixing break crop with the added bonus of being a profitable crop.’
    • ‘The crop is a useful break crop increasing the yield of the following winter wheat by about 1.5 t/ha.’
    • ‘First wheat after a break crop can be drilled from early September (or late August if you must) providing the break crop did not have a significant couch infestation or volunteer cereals which both host take-all.’
    • ‘Cover or break crops in the rotation can be important for weed management.’
    • ‘Dramatic changes in biodiversity could be effected by changing the crops grown - such as growing less wheat or maize and using beet and rape as break crops more extensively.’
    • ‘Despite its useful role as a break crop, oilseed rape cannot be grown too regularly in the same field for the risk of a serious disease build up.’