Definition of breadstuff in US English:



  • 1Any bread product.

    • ‘Food is set to be simple but interesting, with a basic range of breadstuffs and matching toppings available for the mix and match eater.’
    • ‘The loaf of breadstuff was just sitting there waiting for me.’
    • ‘The interest in the late debate on the duties on fuel and breadstuffs was not limited to those who held seats on the floor of the House of Commons.’
    • ‘He convinced eight colleges, homes for the elderly, and hospitals in northern Iowa to purchase $600,000 worth of their breadstuffs and produce from local sources.’
    • ‘Exports of breadstuffs in October of this year amounted to $38,247,570, according to statistics made public today by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, an increase of nearly $25,000,000 over the figures for October, 1913.’
    • ‘It was consumed in many ways: in liquid form, as posole or atole (also spelled posolli and atolli); as a gruel; and as breadstuff, in tortillas and tamales.’
    1. 1.1 Grain or flour used in the making of bread.
      • ‘Our breadstuff was exhausted and mother had sent me out to buy some corn but it was not to be found for sale.’
      • ‘But the next spring, 1850, raged the California gold fever and the roads for hundreds of miles were thronged with emigrants to California, insomuch that provisions of all kinds, especially breadstuff, was sold out of the country.’