Definition of breadbox in US English:



  • A box for storing bread and other baked goods.

    • ‘One April, as I sat reading a book, my mother rushed into the kitchen, emptied the contents of the breadbox into her apron, and ran out the front door.’
    • ‘That's serious evolutionary progress for a car that debuted here 33 years ago looking like a stripped-down metal breadbox.’
    • ‘I deal in services and I am bigger than a breadbox.’
    • ‘Can you use such a strong color for anything bigger than a breadbox?’
    • ‘Her mother had forgotten to go shopping again, so Qiara had been left to scavenge whatever she could from the leftovers in the fridge and breadbox.’
    • ‘There was a breadbox next to the fridge, but it was empty.’
    • ‘Then his eyes fell on a blue plastic Ikea breadbox - the ‘perfect marriage of cheap modern art, chintziness and utility,’ he said.’
    • ‘VCRs could have been mistaken for breadboxes in our living room, while TV sets took up more space than the couch.’
    • ‘You laugh, your jaw drops, but you spend a little time with it and this little breadbox on wheels really grows on you.’
    • ‘It's more the size of a breadbox, but it can handle 8x10 photos and ordinary letter-size documents as well as 4x6 snapshots.’
    • ‘For those who are geographically impaired, that is an area bigger than a breadbox.’
    • ‘The biscuit won when it jumped from the top of the breadbox and flattened the muffin.’
    • ‘It looks a little funky and gives the appearance of an oversized breadbox.’
    • ‘So they'll be bigger than a breadbox and probably smaller than an elephant, would be my guess.’
    • ‘I'm worried people have forgotten why those Pilgrims shipped over here in that floating breadbox.’
    • ‘Then she got the loaf of bread out of the breadbox.’
    • ‘Birdie pulled a loaf from the breadbox and began to cut slices.’
    • ‘Also, don't forget to look for some unique containers you may have stored in your garage, attic, or basement such as buckets, tubs, old wooden crates, or maybe even your grandmother's favorite old breadbox.’
    • ‘I found the cordless telephone and grabbed myself a bagel from the breadbox, and then went back to the living room and plopped down on the sofa.’