Definition of bread mold in US English:

bread mold


  • Any of various fungi, especially of the genus Rhizopus, that grow on bread and other foods.

    • ‘I grew bread mold once, to see what would happen.’
    • ‘Welcome to the fourth-grade science fair, with its baking-soda volcanoes, bread mold grown in drawers, proud parents and thoughtful judges.’
    • ‘For example, penicillin comes from a bread mold.’
    • ‘They are unaware that they can't get penicillin from any old bread mold.’
    • ‘Indoor molds (Penicillium - the common bread mold, Aspergillus, and others) are almost universal to some extent.’
    • ‘But it strikes me that the political press really has descended to a new low - leaving it on an evolutionary plane only slightly higher than bread mold.’
    • ‘While still a graduate student at Cornell, he had learned of B. O. Dodge's work on the bread mold Neurospora.’
    • ‘When Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in bread mold in 1928, he sparked a revolution in drug development.’
    • ‘The acidic cheese may have also altered the pH level of the sandwich; bread mold grows best when the pH is more or less neutral.’