Definition of breach of contract in US English:

breach of contract


  • An act of breaking the terms set out in a contract.

    ‘I'm going to raise this as a breach of contract’
    ‘the theater promptly sued him for breach of contract’
    • ‘If the judges found the real reason he had to leave was because he had special educational needs, then there would have been a breach of contract.’
    • ‘The company is seeking both past and future commissions totalling over £4 million together with damages for a breach of contract.’
    • ‘The group argues that its unwillingness to give the council written details of its activities constitute a breach of contract, which should now be terminated.’
    • ‘He took the festival to court arguing the performance was a breach of contract.’
    • ‘Hypothetically, if someone gives out their login, against our contract, it would be a breach of contract.’