Definition of brazenness in US English:



  • See brazen

    • ‘I simply couldn't believe the audacity, the brazenness of it.’
    • ‘The headline doesn't quite capture the brazenness with which the bad guys are operating in the Twin Cities: ‘Officer shoots man in north Minneapolis.’’
    • ‘The characteristic coyness of the oriental female and her tendency to a reserve in manners are being replaced by uninhibited straight forwardness and an audacity bordering on brazenness.’
    • ‘And what they're talking about is the fact that we've seen this continued brazenness by this sniper, that he is taking more and more risks as the experts have pointed out.’
    • ‘What he is doing, not only by committing these acts, but by having the audacity, the brazenness to film them and then immediately post them on the Internet for all to see - he's sending a double message.’