Definition of bravery in English:



  • Courageous behavior or character.

    • ‘It's all very well to liken a restaurant to the army, but mess cooks seldom win medals for bravery.’
    • ‘He was the last to leave and was rightly awarded the British Empire Medal for his bravery.’
    • ‘The officers showed tremendous courage and bravery in tackling a very difficult situation.’
    • ‘A lovable rogue has been recognised for his bravery nearly 100 years after his death.’
    • ‘I really salute his bravery to tell it like it is within the leadership of the ruling party.’
    • ‘He paid tribute to their bravery in giving evidence despite attempts at bribery and intimidation.’
    • ‘I saw a news report the other night which contained coverage of awards for bravery.’
    • ‘The crowd loved this display of clowning bravery and the modern bullfight was born.’
    • ‘Those who demonstrate bravery and take a stand through the proper channels should be celebrated.’
    • ‘The bomb squad duly came and defused the bomb, and Grandpa was given a medal for his bravery.’
    • ‘She taught us the deepest meaning of love, respect, compassion, courage and bravery.’
    • ‘The concept of bravery is being thrown around at random, with little thought given to what exactly we mean.’
    • ‘The heroic policeman who saved a baby from the wrecked car will receive a medal in recognition of his bravery.’
    • ‘They made it back with a combination of bravery, tenacity and good fortune.’
    • ‘Warminster Library is to host a special party for D-Day veterans to spread their tales of bravery.’
    • ‘Nobody would ever question his work ethic or his bravery but he's now combining that with some lovely play.’
    • ‘Anyone who can has to be admired for they have a strength of character and bravery which I do not possess.’
    • ‘Against good international defences that takes nerve, bravery and no little skill.’
    • ‘Who thought we'd witness that kind of bravery in the name of this project?’
    • ‘In truth, the other figures in the square are all distinguished by the kind of bravery that used to appeal to us more.’
    courage, courageousness, pluck, pluckiness, braveness, valour, fearlessness, intrepidity, intrepidness, nerve, daring, audacity, boldness, dauntlessness, doughtiness, stout-heartedness, hardihood, manfulness, heroism, gallantry
    backbone, spine, spirit, spiritedness, mettle, determination, fortitude, resolve, resolution
    guts, grit, spunk, gutsiness, gameness
    bottle, ballsiness
    moxie, cojones, sand
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Mid 16th century (in the sense bravado): from French braverie or Italian braveria, based on Latin barbarus (see barbarous).