Definition of braunschweiger in US English:



  • A variety of smoked liver sausage.

    • ‘Among the Westphalian hams and braunschweigers are tongue-twisting Teutonic mysteries like kasseler rippchen, nuss-schinken and touristenwurst.’
    • ‘It's where I am reminded that I no longer have to sit next to a goggle-eyed 4th grader with a milk mustache while opening my Gilligan's Island lunchbox and staring with disbelief at yet another soggy braunschweiger sandwich.’
    • ‘So, Farnsworth decides to drive his lawnmower, camping in farm fields and eating wieners and braunschweiger for every meal.’
    • ‘I love the excited roar of the teeming crowd, the taste of the braunschweiger sandwiches, and the scent of the wooden bleachers.’
    • ‘A lot of the products that used to be big sellers were discontinued - pepper loaf, plain loaf, little braunschweigers - because they're just don't sell to someone under 40.’
    • ‘The conversation continues briefly, with both characters continuing to just barely meet and miss each other's meaning, before Rose finally mentions disliking braunschweigers and makes a face of disgust.’