Definition of brattice in English:



  • A partition or shaft lining in a coal mine, typically made of wood or heavy cloth.

    • ‘The minimum quantity of air at the end of the line brattice before starting each cut and the operating range after the scrubber is started will be measured by a certified mine official.’
    • ‘Teams dug through the debris after clearing part of the main road and rebuilding the mine brattices as they advanced.’
    • ‘An inexpensive brattice cloth selection does not make the choice necessarily cost-effective.’
    • ‘At approximately 5:00 a.m. he went with Meadows to the section and the latter said to build three temporary brattices to redirect the air.’
    • ‘The shaft at Moorfield had the brattice removed and was fitted out with two double-decked cages.’
    • ‘Anything that might be useful for erecting the seal, or needed while in isolation, should be collected, including items such as: ventilation tubing, brattice material, lunch kits, and lights.’
    • ‘The pump and mortar solution are kept on a scoop, so that the brattice man only has to handle the spray gun.’
    • ‘There are air brattices arranged in air exits which can be used for adjusting the air directions or the air exits can be fixed with air brattices for adjusting the air directions.’
    • ‘Carpenters also build tunnel bracing, or brattices, in underground passageways and mines to control the circulation of air through the passageways and to worksites.’
    • ‘He had his castles rebuilt, the walls repaired and strengthened, brattices and battlements constructed and trenches made in front of castles.’
    • ‘It was past seven o'clock now and the first purple brattices of night were draping the eastern horizon.’
    • ‘Use our expansive on-line directory to source brattice cloth and other products and services from thousands of suppliers.’
    • ‘For instance, such people and equipment are susceptible to impact from vehicles passing through a brattice cloth screen.’
    • ‘It was the practice to fill in the spaces between the brattices and the wax walls with slack.’
    • ‘Tests were also carried out on the use of scoop brattices to ventilate headings.’
    • ‘The water was at the time running down the brattice as usual.’
    • ‘Where necessary to render harmless and carry away noxious or flammable gases, line brattice or other approved methods of ventilation shall be used so as to properly ventilate the face.’
    • ‘Children competed for the job of ‘door boy’: opening and closing canvas brattices that directed air through the active workings underground.’
    • ‘For most of that time, only the cocked hat atop Nelson's head was visible above the thick green brattices attached to the scaffolding.’


Middle English (denoting a temporary wooden gallery for use in a siege): from Old French bretesche, from medieval Latin britisca, from Old English brittisc ‘British’. The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.