Definition of brassware in US English:



  • Utensils or other objects made of brass.

    • ‘Take a stroll through the spice-scented streets and discover a treasure trove of silverware, brassware, ethnic jewellery, jasmine garlands and silk saris.’
    • ‘The museum has some of the rare artefacts like brassware, weapons, tools, coins, Buddhist sculptures and paintings dating back to the pre-Christ period.’
    • ‘Examples include the move to use sheet metal in constructing brassware, mineral dyes for carpets, and the fly-shuttle in handloomed silks.’
    • ‘Indus will target children employed in stone quarries, the handloom sector and in making bidis, brassware, leather, glass bangles, locks, fireworks, matches and bricks.’
    • ‘Child labour is employed not only in the industrial sector but also the non-industrial or unorganized sector like brassware making, diamond cutting, hawking goods, firework, slate manufacture etc.’
    • ‘India is known for textiles, rugs, metalwork, bronzes, copper-and brassware, stone carving, pottery, woodwork, and jewelry.’
    • ‘Local artisans also produce brassware and items made from bell metal (an alloy of copper and tin).’
    • ‘Traditional crafts include knotted and woven carpets made from wool or goat hair, basket-weaving, pottery, silver jewelry, intricate embroidery, and brassware.’
    • ‘Also look for maintenance-free brassware vases, key holders and decorative pieces from Uttar Pradesh.’
    • ‘The Temple Fair at the Lakshmi Towers welcomes visitors to a range of brassware that is ideal as household accessories or decorative materials that can grace hotels, homes or offices.’
    • ‘As idols or wall hangings, brassware has an aesthetic appeal that is classy, which has proved to be ideal for interior decorations at affordable prices in rich as well as middle-class homes.’
    • ‘This is accompanied by the trend towards opulent styling, mahogany panelling and traditional brassware.’
    • ‘The figures have been followed by a pair of moulded rabbits and dozens of items of brassware, including large loving spoons and pottery wall plaques.’
    • ‘A long time ago, there was a TV advertisement for ‘Brasso’, a kind of polish for brassware.’
    • ‘A long artistic tradition includes the making of furniture, jewelry in gold and silver, glass, sculpture, lace, tableware, dolls, ceramics, brassware, copperware, and miniature cribs and figurines as well as painting.’
    • ‘Just a step away is the Manik Chowk, a narrow lane bursting at the seams with brassware shops.’
    • ‘He imported Korean brassware, then moved into consumer electronics.’
    • ‘Woodcarvings, bamboo mats, wooden partitions, paintings, wall hangings, brassware, metal icons and pooja articles are also on display, besides ready-to-eat products.’
    • ‘When mechanization arrives, boys tend to take over - as in the gem-polishing industry in Jaipur, Rajasthan and the brassware industry of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.’