Definition of brassard in English:



  • 1A band worn on the sleeve, typically having an identifying mark and worn with a uniform.

    • ‘There's a tale in which those who choose to go about armed wear a brassard signifying the fact, and legal gunfights may break out at any time over matters large or trivial.’
    • ‘The new brassard is a standard part of the SECPOL uniform worn with DCPUs and working dress.’
    • ‘In general, countries that drive on the left hand side of the road wear the brassard on the right arm, whilst those that use the right hand side of the road use the left arm.’
    • ‘The blue uniform of the central figure is that of the Sun Fire Office (founded in London in 1710), whose badge or brassard is displayed on his left sleeve.’
    • ‘Velcro patches have been placed on the top of each sleeve to enable brassards and badges to be fitted as required.’
    • ‘Therefore, the shoulder-sleeve insignia was authorized to be worn with the blue uppermost to conform to the manner of wearing the brassard.’
    • ‘This brassard also still retains its original safety pin for securing the brassard to the sleeve of the medic's uniform.’
    • ‘There were three categories of brassards: for directors, officers, and rangers.’
    • ‘Proficiency and Qualification badges are worn either on a brassard on the right arm or directly on the jersey.’
    1. 1.1historical A piece of armor for the upper arm.


Late 16th century: from French, from bras ‘arm’.