Definition of brass rubbing in US English:

brass rubbing


  • 1The action of rubbing crayon or chalk over paper laid on an engraved brass to reproduce its design.

    • ‘We'd be over it and on to the next passion - for brass rubbing, say, or morris dancing.’
    • ‘Events at the Stone Jetty will include making jigsaws, brass rubbing and bird watching - weather permitting, of course.’
    • ‘Rope making, face painting, brass rubbing and a special quiz were all on offer.’
    • ‘Starting at 10 am, there will be tours of the church, brass rubbing, exhibitions and bell ringing.’
    • ‘Also supporting the event was the Greenwich Heritage Centre, which gave children the chance to take part in brass rubbing, quizzes, colouring sheets and word searches.’
    • ‘What - the city with its own brass rubbing centre, the city that is about to stage a major exhibition on the history of cutlery - boring?’
    • ‘There are face painting and brass rubbing for the younger generation and visitors can cool off with a trip on our boat.’
    1. 1.1 An image created by brass rubbing.
      • ‘‘We will be taking detailed brass rubbings and photographs and getting as much information as we can so it can all be referenced later,’ he said.’
      • ‘You can tell immediately if someone has tried to do it incorrectly because there will be scrapes, gouges and brass rubbings all over the place.’
      • ‘The day spent here was one which seemed to pass in half an hour, even for Bea, who once had to spend six months in Venice doing brass rubbings.’
      • ‘Each is made of zinc, with a relief map of the walls and information and illustrations carved in bas relief - great for children who want to make brass rubbings.’
      • ‘Students of all ages create brilliant brass rubbings to take home, while immersing themselves in the art and culture of the 14th and 15th centuries.’


brass rubbing

/bræs ˈrəbɪŋ//bras ˈrəbiNG/