Definition of brass knuckles in US English:

brass knuckles


  • A metal guard worn over the knuckles in fighting, especially to increase the effect of the blows.

    • ‘Not only are brass knuckles an airport security no-no, possessing them is a fourth-degree crime in New Jersey, punishable by a fine and up to 18 months in jail, according to The Newark Ledger-Star.’
    • ‘It was a drug dealer that punched me in the face with a pair of brass knuckles and it knocked my two front teeth right out.’
    • ‘With no words spoken, the hooded man produced a set of brass knuckles, placed them on his right hand, and delivered a punch to the captive man's stomach that doubled him over, screaming even through the gag.’
    • ‘The pretentiously named Bones was taller and skinnier, and he always carried brass knuckles in his pocket.’
    • ‘Lying there, my ribs stabbing me like brass knuckles and my soul infused with sweet, sweet love, I had wakeful dreams about playing the perfect basketball game.’
    • ‘They pulled out brass knuckles and one of the guards slammed Tony in the chops, throwing him up in the air and hard down to the ground, knocking him out instantly.’
    • ‘It fit like brass knuckles only instead of knuckles, a sharp jagged edge protruded.’
    • ‘Unless that happens, it's brass knuckles political warfare because when you give these guys an inch they always take a thousand miles and move the destination even farther to the right.’
    • ‘Instead, Jon was standing there with his fists clenched; she eyed the brass knuckles now adorning his fingers.’
    • ‘He also advised the elimination of a scene in which Frankie is kicked, calling it ‘unacceptably brutal,’ and warned the director not to show any detailed use of brass knuckles.’
    • ‘The leader commands with a baseball bat in hand as the other two put on brass knuckles to fight with.’
    • ‘Apparently he was a fighter, using brass knuckles as a weapon.’
    • ‘This didn't satisfy Nick too much, and about an hour later, two burly men arrived at my door, bearing lead pipes and brass knuckles and offering to ‘show me how it all adds up.’’
    • ‘He removed his leather gloves, replacing them with brass knuckles in case a fight was looking to break out.’
    • ‘With a triumphant smirk, she tied the two strips of cloth to the belt loops of her pants, carefully slipping the brass knuckles off her tingling hands and storing them away in the pouch that hung from her side.’
    • ‘We'd have to use the brass knuckles on a daily basis for sure.’
    • ‘We now officially live in the age of the forensic cop show - where police rely not on brass knuckles to bring down perps, but on science.’
    • ‘If they were too rowdy, there were brass knuckles, chains, clubs, knives and guns readily at hand, and the less lucky soldiers might be severely beaten.’
    • ‘In the hand-to-hand combat view you will also be able to pick up or steal weapons, such as brass knuckles, screwdrivers, clubs, and knives.’
    • ‘‘Oh gee,’ said Maki, as Beni slid a set of brass knuckles onto a hand and flexed his fingers.’


brass knuckles