Definition of brashly in US English:



  • See brash

    • ‘In the 1950s, he brashly challenged psychologist B. F. Skinner's theory of language as a learned skill, acquired by children in a process of reward and punishment.’
    • ‘The overall result, to put it rather brashly in terms of the bottom line, is that South African taxpayers are getting more for their money, of the sort of applied social research that the country's development needs.’
    • ‘It was a few years later that the decorated building made a last brave stand, Art Deco's Egyptian colonnades and Moderne sunbursts sparkling brashly among dimmer stripped-classical and early modern façades.’
    • ‘These guys have studied every clichéd turn of phrase, whiny affectation and hairdo, and the brashly '80s programming doesn't shuffle the deck enough to hide their derived, contrived strategy.’
    • ‘The ‘long-tail effect’, currently making waves from broadcasting to bookselling, is one of those suddenly ubiquitous notions brashly promising a revolution in consumer capitalism.’