Definition of brant in US English:



North American
  • A small goose with a mainly black head and neck, breeding in the arctic tundra of Eurasia and Canada.

    Branta bernicla, family Anatidae

    British term brent goose
    • ‘We captured brant goslings at a single brood-rearing area used by brant from the Kokechik Bay colony.’
    • ‘We believe that is because brant are reducing the levels of forage to such a low level in all treatments that the vegetation has no ability to compensate for increased grazing even when there is additional fertilization.’
    • ‘Up to 60,000 geese, especially the northern or black brant, summer here.’
    • ‘An internal hinge, spring loaded with a rubber band, made the wings quiver in the wind, giving the illusion of a live brant.’
    • ‘Female brant are strongly philopatric to their location of birth, as is true for other geese.’