Definition of brane world in US English:

brane world

(also braneworld)


  • A world model in which our space-time is the result of a 3-brane moving through a space-time of higher dimension, with all interactions except gravity being confined to the 3-brane.

    • ‘The force of gravity, which is free to pass between brane worlds, is far too feeble to interact strongly enough to produce the kind of localized effects often reported in paraphysics.’
    • ‘The meeting gave an overview of the state of the art in brane world gravity, in a form accessible to non-experts and the many graduate students present.’
    • ‘Cosmologists have picked up on this idea, and when they talk about the structure of the universe, you'll hear them talking about multi-dimensional ‘brane worlds’.’
    • ‘She leads us on to superstring theory and ‘brane worlds’, which picture particles as tiny vibrating filaments and the universe itself as a giant wobbly sheet.’
    • ‘If the brane-world picture is correct, near the space of our planet a vast section of brane worlds exist.’