Definition of brandade in English:



  • A Provençal dish consisting of salt cod mixed into a puree with olive oil and milk.

    • ‘The mixture should be coarser than standard brandade.’
    • ‘Marky and I ate the lot, then asked if the same could be done with the brandade.’
    • ‘Sprinkle some parsley in the center, set a cod fillet on top and spread with brandade.’
    • ‘Cod brandade, a dish that can have all sorts of creepy variations in Manhattan, was properly leavened with olive oil and whipped potatoes, and served with a basket of warm pita bread for dipping.’
    • ‘That afternoon we learnt to fillet and skin fish and make a brandade and haricot bean soup with truffle oil.’
    • ‘We were brought a plate of cold and bright green pea soup, refreshing and tasty, and a little coffee cup of cold brandade de lotte, with green peas sprinkled on top.’
    • ‘I had fillet of cod topped with an oyster fritter and served with smoked haddock brandade and cherry tomatoes poached in olive oil for €44.’
    • ‘Seared cod comes with a soothing pocket of brandade, and roast pork has the pleasure of both brash sauerkraut and toddy-soaked prunes for company.’
    • ‘The emphasis in both is on locally caught fish: starters of smoked-mackerel brandade, Harwich crab and Colchester oysters; mains of monkfish, turbot and sea bass, or a ragout of fish and shellfish called zarzuela depescado.’
    • ‘You can prepare through step 4 up to 1 day ahead; chill brandade airtight, and store crumbs airtight at room temperature.’
    • ‘Foie gras terrine with peach compote is almost as noteworthy as the brandade galette with lobster, the mussels with fennel and saffron, the superb scampi risotto, and the leek-chanterelles-and-bacon tart.’
    • ‘The brandade is a hearty fish casserole made with cod, potatoes and cream, permeated with the flavour of fresh leeks.’
    • ‘Some are adaptations of the old favourites, some are new dishes invented around specific produce: for example, smoked haddock brandade or slow-cooked lamb with chermoula.’
    • ‘Rustic yet refined, the brandade is a hearty fish casserole made with cod, potatoes and cream.’
    • ‘There's a gratinated brandade whose proportion of salt cod to potato was perhaps too meagre but it was delicious nonetheless; there's steak with a smothering of foie gras and gratin dauphinois.’
    • ‘The restaurant's menu - pricey short ribs, a big, chalky version of cod and brandade, a dessert tart made from warm Stilton cheese - seemed a little incongruous in this stiff, uptown setting.’
    • ‘Pan-fried fillet of Cornish red mullet, salted cod brandade and bouillabaisse jus, caramelised raspberry and Tahiti vanilla millefeuille are flavour bursts that I hope never to forget.’
    • ‘Neither dish sparks like the moist cod stuffed with brandade and chorizo, or the lean but luscious lamb loin accompanied by slices of shoulder braised with citrus.’
    • ‘But this sort of cooking defines itself by the multiplicity of its components, so there was also a dice of warmed smoked salmon and poached cucumber, bok choi, salt cod brandade and, on the side, a cup of tomato consommé.’
    • ‘Chilean sea bass in a sauce of mirin, soy, ginger juice, lavender honey, and safflower oil is accompanied by Sandor's take on the classic brandade.’


French, from modern Provençal brandado, literally ‘something that has been shaken’.