Definition of bramble in US English:



  • A prickly scrambling vine or shrub, especially a blackberry or other wild shrub of the rose family.

    • ‘My mother was stretching up to reach the blackberries within the bramble.’
    • ‘It was far too early for picking fruit from brambles and apple trees, but he did pause to dig up some wild leeks along the narrow path he followed.’
    • ‘Rare plant life which has perished includes cloudberry, a sub-arctic bramble, which thrives on moorland peat bogs.’
    • ‘And at the other end is a garden all in brambles and briar rose.’
    • ‘The brambles - raspberries and blackberries - are perennial plants with a biennial growth and fruiting habit.’
    • ‘Winged forms of the aphid can transmit the virus to healthy raspberries from nearby infected brambles.’
    • ‘And there she went, leaving only a bit of her skirts behind on the rose brambles.’
    • ‘Eight basic factors must be considered in selecting a site for a bramble planting.’
    • ‘These brambles bear fruit on branches growing from canes.’
    • ‘Back at the bog's edge, pushing aside blackberry brambles and birch branches, Taylor stops frequently to explain the side of the bog few have seen.’
    • ‘I sprinted through brambles and thorned blackberry bushes and pushed my way past overgrown, waist-high swordfern.’
    • ‘Shrouded in bracken and blackberry brambles is a bush dangling dozens of berries like Christmas tree ornaments.’
    • ‘I heard their mad dash through the bramble, the blackberry thorns tearing at their sneakers and shorts.’
    • ‘Later that day, I went for a walk and came upon a bed of brambles with unfamiliar leaves and bearing soft pink fruit.’
    • ‘Once, out picking blackberries, he over-reached and fell headlong into the prickly bramble.’
    • ‘Seen along the way today was a heron, more brambles, some wild blackberries, hawthorn showing fruit ranging from cherry red through to deep blood red, rose hips and some lovely yellow toadflax.’
    • ‘Plant blackcaps as far away as possible from red raspberries or other cultivated brambles, and remove existing wild berries if practical, or your new plants may soon pick up diseases.’
    • ‘Nettles won the toss, because, at least, brambles have fruit.’
    • ‘He dips his chin, and just as an expectant gasp ripples through the crowd, Eddie launches himself over the wall into a bramble of wild roses.’
    • ‘Gone were the blossoms of blackthorns, brambles, sweet roses, violets, and pungent garlics.’
    shrubbery, vegetation, greenery, ground cover, underwood, copsewood, brushwood, brush, scrub, underscrub, cover, covert, thicket, copse, coppice, wood, jungle
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Old English bræmbel, brǣmel, of Germanic origin; related to broom.