Definition of braking distance in US English:

braking distance


  • The approximate distance traveled before coming to a complete stop when the brakes are applied in a vehicle moving at a specified speed.

    • ‘The track might be short but it was muscle-straining stuff pulling the kart around the tight corners, judging braking distances to the last possible second and accelerating around the long straight.’
    • ‘We would like to see traffic calming measures, such as special surfaces that decrease braking distances.’
    • ‘The system broadens the range of information shown by including turn-by-turn navigation arrows, braking distance, tire pressure and oil warnings, as well as the traditional speed, engine rpm and fuel level data.’
    • ‘It has developed a pioneering ‘Speed Awareness Course’ where drivers receive a lecture partly based upon the out-of-date stopping and braking distances found in the Highway Code.’
    • ‘In school mode, which is the real core of the game, there are 40 different challenges, ranging from simple things like braking distances to drifting around dirt-track hairpin bends.’
    • ‘Explanation: a tyre which must last 350 km rather than 80 km will have less grip, reducing cornering speeds, increasing braking distances and possibly producing less tyre debris or ‘marbles’.’
    • ‘Poor braking distance judgement is a sign of bad driving across the board, at any speed.’
    • ‘And finally, we shall require ‘Distant’ or ‘Warning’ signals, a full braking distance rear of the ‘Home’ signals.’
    • ‘The braking distance for a vehicle travelling at 100k is considerably longer than 54 yards.’
    • ‘The actual ‘stopping’ distance is therefore a combination of reaction distance and braking distance.’
    • ‘This implies that the marginal effect of higher speed on braking distance is increased when the road is wetter (assuming the coefficient is positive).’
    • ‘Temporary warning signs have been erected because spray is restricting forward visibility and, in extreme conditions, braking distances may be adversely affected.’
    • ‘It's better to judge braking distances and use rolling resistance and the gears to help you slow down.’
    • ‘This ‘wipes away’ any water film that may have formed while driving on wet surfaces and thus shortens the braking distance.’
    • ‘This layer could affect a train's braking distances if left unchecked.’
    • ‘In August this year a ninth incident occurred when a train carrying hundreds of passengers overshot the red light by 60 feet after the driver misjudged his braking distance.’
    • ‘It may be a bit difficult on the first run through when you have to judge braking distances but I'm sure we'll be on the pace.’
    • ‘Although the patent still needs the funding of a manufacturer, the prototype I used gave me consistently smoother stops and significantly shorter braking distances (up to 48% shorter than my standard brake on the same turf!).’
    • ‘The system recognises when the driver hits the brake pedal hard and fast, and automatically increases the speed of the hydraulic pressure build up to shorten the braking distance.’
    • ‘Good rule of thumb: Double your normal braking distance.’