Definition of brake disc in US English:

brake disc


  • The disc attached to the wheel in a disc brake.

    • ‘The company began to build recognition on an international level, ultimately gaining leadership in Europe's brake disc aftermarket.’
    • ‘This car features permanent four-wheel drive and a motor-sport brake system with appropriately large, drilled brake discs behind the nine-arm wheels.’
    • ‘Other uses include windshield frame, brake discs, support beams, and other structural components of the space shuttle.’
    • ‘The brake disk turning equipment was moved to the axle line area.’
    • ‘In the first response stage, the brake pads are placed on the brake disc and the hydraulic pressure increased without initiating braking.’
    • ‘The results showed that the brake disk and pad/backing plate vibration modes are closely coupled.’
    • ‘This particular model also provides a close ratio gearbox between fourth and fifth, meaning faster acceleration, bigger alloy wheels and larger front brake discs.’
    • ‘A brake disk for disk brakes, in particular of land vehicles, has a friction ring received by a support section, formed, for example, by a portion of a wheel hub.’
    • ‘The ceramic brake disc achieves not only very high, but also consistent frictional coefficients, maintaining them independent of temperature and weather conditions.’
    • ‘Encouraging staff not to accelerate off the lights nor to brake sharply has obvious benefits for accident rates and parts costs such as brake discs and tyres, and also improves the residual value of a vehicle.’
    • ‘There's even a brake disc wiping function that gently presses the linings against the discs at regular intervals to keep them relatively dry for quicker response in wet conditions.’
    • ‘The fibers are even used to reinforce the ceramic brake discs.’
    • ‘When it was examined it was found to have a hole by the wheel stud and a section of the brake disk missing.’
    • ‘The brake pad material is adequately heated to embed into the brake disk.’
    • ‘I won't go into detail, suffice to say that when you put a lock through the brake disc to slow down thieves, it is best removed before riding away.’
    • ‘Slamming on the brakes, which torques and twists every part of the suspension and wears out brake pads and the more expensive brake discs, is what's hard on the car.’
    • ‘Last April, one of the firm's lorries was pulled over on the M4 at Leigh Delamere and found to be overloaded, with a broken brake disc and a bald tyre.’
    • ‘Under heavy braking there was quite a kickback from the steering wheel, suggesting warped front brake discs.’
    • ‘Much smaller and more portable are disc locks, which attach to the moped's brake disc.’
    • ‘The brake discs are unchanged from the previous model, with 305 mm X 30 mm ventilated front and 301 mm X 12 mm solid rear discs.’


brake disc

/ˈbrāk ˌdisk/