Definition of braise in US English:



[with object]
  • Fry (food) lightly and then stew it slowly in a closed container.

    ‘I braised the beef and vegetables the day before’
    • ‘Cooking it that way makes it sweet - kind of like braising endive.’
    • ‘Drizzle some braised garlic and lemon sauce around the dish and garnish with chervil.’
    • ‘One day they'll have braised veal cheeks; another, chicken livers Toscana.’
    • ‘Rather, expect braised lettuce, mackerel, and lots of cheap, filling pasta.’
    • ‘It was braised, succulent, savoury, fat-free, and served in its cooking liquid - which had been only slightly reduced.’
    • ‘Slow-cooking, braising, and stews are (generally speaking) the best dishes to use lean cuts of meat.’
    • ‘All sorts of casseroles, stews and braised dishes work well cooked in just one pot, but you can also consider soup for starters and steamed or baked sponge pudding afterwards.’
    • ‘A perfectly braised shank on buttery mash surrounded by vegetables set the tastebuds going before the plate was even put down on the table.’
    • ‘The food is both inventive and hearty - braised belly pork with black pudding, anyone?’
    • ‘The grapes sizzled, sputtered, and melted into syrup, basting and braising the sausages in their bubbling juices.’
    • ‘This dish was sitting on a larger plate, which was filled with creamy mashed potato, steamed cauliflower and carrots and braised leek.’
    • ‘This recipe takes the nontraditional shortcut of having you braise the pork.’
    • ‘The veal with chilli and braised salad was, I must confess, excellent.’
    • ‘Less tender cuts of steak are braised with root vegetables, or made into stews, pies, or steak and kidney pudding or pie.’
    • ‘Or try braising it lightly as you would spinach.’
    • ‘Have something that involves stewing or braising that you just don't have time to do at home.’
    • ‘With practice, one may saute, bake, steam, braise, simmer, or sear just about anything.’
    • ‘You know what that means: think of a slowly braised oxtail stew that you can eat with a fork or spoon, without recourse to a knife.’
    • ‘The fennel should have been slowly braised in oil for two hours (with garlic and herbs).’
    • ‘I had the braised red cabbage, which was slightly sweet and tangy.’
    casserole, fricassee, simmer, boil
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Mid 18th century: from French braiser, from braise ‘live coals’ (in which the container was formerly placed).