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usually brainwaves
  • 1An electrical impulse in the brain.

    • ‘Though the number of errors made by the two groups did not differ, researchers found that the FTT children's brainwaves were different from those of the control subjects during the time when they had to decide to react or not.’
    • ‘If I could press a stethoscope to your head and listen to your brainwaves, I imagine they'd sound like a pair of dueling banjoes.’
    • ‘While EEG measures brainwaves, three other technologies developed in the second half of the twentieth century involve actual images of living brains.’
    • ‘My first specific criticism occurred in Chapter One, when the authors describe their own research regarding brainwaves of clients during hypnosis, counseling, or a control situation.’
    • ‘But you're picking up a whole range of different frequencies of electrical activity and people will be familiar with brainwaves, the idea of brainwaves - electrical waves or pulses if you like - alpha waves, beta waves.’
    • ‘Apparently meditation practitioners were able to control their brainwaves better.’
    • ‘Electromagnetic stimulation can therefore change a person's brainwaves and affect muscular activity, causing painful muscular cramps experienced as torture.’
    • ‘EEG aren't just being used for visualizing brainwaves or for entering meditative states while playing video games.’
    • ‘That's one thing the twin researchers don't ask us about, though they ask us about many things - our habits, states of mind, loves, and incomes - and they take our blood and measure our brainwaves and so forth.’
    • ‘They were then hooked up to electrodes designed to monitor their brainwaves.’
    • ‘He meets scientists who put his powers to the test, mapping his brainwaves, photographing his aura and testing the power of his mind to influence electronics at a distance.’
    • ‘Festival patrons can put on an EEG helmet, which will reproduce their brainwaves in light and sound.’
    • ‘Usually, I meditate during sleep, when my brainwaves are at ease.’
    • ‘These filtered brainwaves are then fed back to the individual in the form of a video game displayed on screen, and the participant learns to control the game by altering particular aspects of their brain activity.’
    • ‘At present the suggestion that measuring brainwaves and heartbeat rates could also be achieved was only theoretical, he added.’
    • ‘They hooked me up to an ambulatory EEG, a recent technology that can record brainwaves for three days and nights.’
    • ‘An individual's capacity for such visual working memory can be predicted by his or her brainwaves, researchers funded by the NIH's National Institute of Mental Health have discovered.’
    • ‘Audience members can become part of an advanced mass EEG system which uses audience brainwaves to control both the music and lighting environment: a truly ‘smart’ building.’
    • ‘Psychics use their brainwaves to control a desired or destined ability and use it to its full potential.’
    • ‘The loss of blood had caused Hollynn's system to completely shut down, her brainwaves and heartbeat barely evident on the monitors.’
    1. 1.1informal usually in singular A sudden clever idea.
      • ‘My brainwave was to have the girls ‘build their own’ tarts.’
      • ‘Frank Robinson, John Pemberton's original partner and book-keeper, had suggested the name Coca-Cola and come up with the brainwave that the two flowing Cs would look good on adverts.’
      • ‘One of Stavros' latest brainwaves is something entitled Cineclick, a program devoted to filmmaking and the Internet, which is skedded to air on the Independent Film Channel.’
      • ‘I was fingering my car keys, wondering if my perverse appetite would last all the way to Tesco's and back, when I had a sudden brainwave.’
      • ‘Anyway, as she went on and got more and more into it, I had a sudden brainwave.’
      • ‘It is then that the radio mechanic had a brainwave.’
      • ‘Brian had the brainwave for the get-together a year ago.’
      • ‘What sent me there was a brainwave for a present, so I won't mention the front of the cards I'm buying, but what I have found interesting is the back.’
      • ‘This morning I had the brainwave to make little boxes for Supergang which we would fill with peppermint creams that we can make next week.’
      • ‘Proving that everyone has a tale to tell, 2W shows its award-winning series of Digital Stories where people from across Wales turn brainwaves into multimedia reality.’
      • ‘Then I had a brainwave - who said that bald isn't beautiful?’
      • ‘His brainwave was to replace the current fixed self-sealing rubber splash curtains, which trap a bullet once it has passed through the target and prevent it ricocheting back up the range, with movable curtains.’
      • ‘It wasn't like I was having a brilliant brainwave though.’
      • ‘It was just a bit of a brainwave and I thought, why not?’
      • ‘I have a brainwave and start preparing a PowerPoint presentation.’
      • ‘After much fruitless searching, I had a brainwave.’
      • ‘This was a wonderfully mysterious occasion and all thanks to the Laois Arts Festival committee who had the brainwave to host a Halloween Party.’
      • ‘If you want to have our collective brainwaves on how to carry on in light of the Situation, this is pretty much the place to get it.’
      • ‘But what the mind airbrushes out of this pretty picture is that thousands of people have had the identical brainwave at the identical time.’
      • ‘Those words hit Rick like stones, a brainwave and an idea quickly ensued.’
      pulse, current, wave
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