Definition of brainsick in English:



  • Diseased in the mind; mad or insane.

    • ‘The novelist also directly condemns China as ‘an old hag so decrepit and brainsick that she would devour her children to sustain herself’ .’
    • ‘I now understand that I was brainsick when I tried to kill myself.’
    • ‘He did not want the ‘brainsick and heady preachers,’ but welcomed ‘the learned and grave men of both sides.’’
    • ‘Thus, within the masque text, blackness is equated with beauty, love, and wisdom, but the prejudice stirred up by some ‘poor brainsick men’ has convinced the Daughters of Niger that whiteness is the precondition for beauty.’
    • ‘Elizabeth I called the attempted invasion of England a ‘tyrannical, proud and brainsick attempt’.’