Definition of brainlessness in US English:



  • See brainless

    • ‘And with House Of Wax's combination of brainlessness and boredom, that's a truly scary thought.’
    • ‘It is easy to laugh - as I did, regularly - at the brainlessness behind some of the schemes documented here.’
    • ‘If Ruby is the big sister of bimbo-land, we have a whole stable of younger fillies parading their brainlessness thanks to this TV channel which apparently feels that cricket is not sport, but entertainment.’
    • ‘And while seemingly well adjusted, Ruben too is dispirited, trading on the bodies and brainlessness of his fighters for a few dollars and the dream of the big time.’
    • ‘One character points out that he thinks that ‘Rat Race to me is going to be a mix of complete brainlessness and The Matrix.’’