Definition of brainily in US English:



  • See brainy

    • ‘He also brainily (a word) suggested that I put them in coffee mugs to transport them safely from inside to outside in lieu of actual pots.’
    • ‘It will not prepare moviegoers in any way for the depths of lunacy this brainily stupid movie plumbs.’
    • ‘But even the funniest of these brainily ludicrous jokes sputter halfheartedly.’
    • ‘His was not the sort of knowledge that arrogant men display when they set themselves up as authorities over a certain field of learning, arbitrarily judging and evaluating other men from the outside, as if they were altogether superior to the substance of what they brainily discourse upon.’
    • ‘She reaches deep with delicate and knowing fingers to tug the filament of a brainily targeted emotion.’