Definition of brain fingerprinting in US English:

brain fingerprinting


  • The recording and analysis of an individual's neurological responses to images and words flashed on a screen, especially to determine if the person is telling the truth.

    • ‘The legalization of brain fingerprinting is just one example.’
    • ‘The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics has no problem with brain fingerprinting so long as it's voluntary.’
    • ‘Statement: brain fingerprinting can be used to reliably identify those with specific knowledge of what we are testing.’
    • ‘There's no evidence you can determine evil intent or anything else from brain fingerprinting.’
    • ‘Tokyo Universities' TACHI Lab is already way ahead of the game in terms of realising the old idea of VR with their research on brain fingerprinting and neural control.’
    • ‘A convicted murderer petitioning for a new trial has already tried to use brain fingerprinting as evidence in an Iowa court.’
    • ‘She is a young psychiatrist testing out a new technology - brain fingerprinting - by which a criminal's memories can be dissected, and she wants to try this out on the real killer.’
    • ‘In the US a technique has been patented called brain fingerprinting.’
    • ‘Last year, after one of Slaughter's lawyers saw a 60 Minutes episode about brain fingerprinting, she contacted Farwell, who traveled to Oklahoma State Penitentiary in February with six steamer trunks filled with equipment.’
    • ‘Indeed, so-called brain fingerprinting has been proved to work in nearly 200 tests conducted in the past 15 years - many by the FBI, CIA and U.S. Navy.’