Definition of brain coral in US English:

brain coral


  • A compact coral with a convoluted surface resembling that of the brain.

    Diploria and other genera, order Scleractinia

    • ‘At Kelliston Drain you can hover over what is claimed to be the biggest brain coral in the world, a green Millennium Dome some 4m across.’
    • ‘I even saw a small school of chromis at a cleaning station on a green brain coral.’
    • ‘Each type of polyp buds in a different way, leading to a large variety of shapes and sizes of coral colonies ranging from the rippled ball of brain coral to elegant fans, flat discs, graceful branches and columns.’
    • ‘Christmas tree worms protruded from a large brain coral in a rainbow of colours.’
    • ‘Even this close to the shore there are colourful sponges, soft corals, brain corals and boulder corals, forming a playground for goatfish, parrotfish, chromis and wrasse.’
    • ‘Ageing brain corals, brittle firecorals and delicate seafans are easily dislodged from their anchorages by the fierce breakers.’
    • ‘I passed over a huge boulder-sized brain coral then came to what seemed at first sight a petrified forest in bright blue - staghorn coral.’
    • ‘Its velvety, oversized flowers are crinkled, suggesting the wavy surface of brain coral.’
    • ‘I say ‘frustratingly nice’ because I am faced with the dilemma of shooting film now on the reef, or saving it for the brain coral.’
    • ‘You won't see the variety of corals found in the Caribbean, but there are healthy reefs covered in vast brain corals, seafans and sea whips.’
    • ‘More than 20 dive sites lie within a 10-minute boat ride of Speyside, including a wreck and a brain coral as big as a bungalow.’
    • ‘We dive straight off the beach and are soon at Heron's famous ‘Bommie’, a 3500 year old, 18 metre high brain coral.’
    • ‘When I turned back, Jonathan and Phil had moved off into the distance, but Gunnar was still drifting by the bank of brain coral.’
    • ‘Now it is a barren area of dead brain coral zipped over by jet skis.’
    • ‘Staghorn coral rises above a tangled matrix of numerous other hard coral species, punctuated by great domes of brain coral.’
    • ‘You glide over vast hemispheres of brain coral and barrel sponges big enough to sit in; shoals of fish and crabs eye you quizzically.’
    • ‘Snorkelers can find brain coral, sea grasses, sea stars, stingrays, fishes of every color and even sluggish, benign nurse sharks.’
    • ‘We swam in the cool waters through thousands of shimmering silverlings, counted multicoloured Christmas tree plumes, encountered sea fans, feather dusters, and the islands' oldest brain coral in the crystal-clear waters.’
    • ‘Some are easy to find, but others - like crested cactus, which grows into convoluted mounds resembling brain coral - aren't.’
    • ‘This ruby brittle star sits on a brain coral, its gangly arms ready to reach out and snatch freshly spawned eggs.’