Definition of brain-damaged in US English:



  • 1Suffering from an injury to the brain that impairs its functions, especially on a permanent basis.

    ‘she was irreversibly brain-damaged’
    ‘a neurologist who studies brain-damaged patients’
    • ‘Some say that the biggest losers in litigation over brain-damaged babies are the parents of children whose cases are rejected by lawyers.’
    • ‘The case of a severely brain-damaged 11- year-old will be heard at the Massachusetts Supreme Court tomorrow.’
    • ‘You don't stop feeding them just because they are brain-damaged or retarded.’
    • ‘The bitter family feud over the brain-damaged woman's right to life evolved into an unprecedented political battle.’
    • ‘The husband speaks out about his emotional fight to have his brain-damaged wife's feeding tube removed.’
    • ‘There are lots of cases across the country where the plug is quietly pulled on brain-damaged patients.’
    • ‘The forceps were pressed too hard into his temples, leaving him permanently brain-damaged.’
    • ‘In the brain-damaged patients, the sound of the voice prompted a pattern of brain activity similar to that of healthy participants.’
    • ‘For each subject, the index is the proportion of tests that have resulted in the range characteristic of brain-damaged subjects.’
    • ‘A raffle was organized by a devoted mother to raise cash for her brain-damaged daughter's treatment.’
    1. 1.1offensive, informal Extremely foolish or stupid.
      ‘he's a treacherous brain-damaged old vulture’