Definition of braillewriter in US English:



  • A machine for writing braille.

    • ‘Lions provide thousands of people every year with free quality eye care, glasses, braillewriters, large print texts, white canes and guide dogs.’
    • ‘As a result, an Australian company Quantum Technology, the manufacturer of the Mountbatten, an electronic multi-sensory braillewriter, has donated a Mountbatten with recorded Spanish.’
    • ‘This arrangement may be confusing for anyone who has used a braillewriter and will probably be confusing to people who are using the BrailleMaster and learning to use a braillewriter at the same time.’
    • ‘An electronic braillewriter is not unlike an electric typewriter, but has many more capabilities.’
    • ‘The adults with visual impairments used a variety of communication modes, primarily braillewriters, slates and styli, sighted readers’ services, and sighted writers’ services.’
    • ‘Tape recorders, braillewriters, talking calculator, and auxiliary hearing devices may be borrowed from the DRC.’
    • ‘How many blind or visually impaired people do we know who can go out and buy something as rudimentary as a Perkins braillewriter today?’
    • ‘A braillewriter will not be provided for you.’
    • ‘They first became familiar with basic reading and writing skills, then advanced to using a Hall braillewriter, much as sighted children first learned to write with pencil and pen and then advanced to a typewriter.’
    • ‘Devices listed in this section are small note taking devices that may or may not use a braillewriter keyboard.’
    • ‘The braillewriter uses heavyweight paper (just like the braille printer) but it doesn't need any electricity to work.’
    • ‘Label the angle with an ‘A’ at the vertex using slate and stylus or your braillewriter.’
    • ‘The headmaster and students were very appreciative of the Braillewriters, however, they could still benefit from the donation of additional Braillewriters.’
    • ‘We also loan equipment, like braillewriters and tape recorders, to help students learn alternate communication skills.’
    • ‘Students will also learn to write literary braille, using a slate and stylus, as well as computerized braillewriters.’
    • ‘With the help of a vision impairment teacher, the class worked on braillewriters to emboss cards and letters.’
    • ‘These specially equipped rooms, located in Rooms 377 and 379, contain typewriters, braillewriters, text enlargers and magnifiers.’
    • ‘With braillewriters ready, laptops open, and pencils sharpened, more than 45 students with visual impairments will participate in the Tenth Annual Technology Olympics.’
    • ‘This braillewriter has six conventional keys, a backspace key on the left side and a center space key.’
    • ‘These are no longer used in up-to-date programs for blind students because experience has shown that these tools are very cumbersome and inefficient when compared to the use of the braillewriter.’