Definition of bragging in US English:



  • Excessively proud and boastful talk about one's achievements or possessions.

    ‘she interrupted their endless bragging’
    ‘a little honest bragging doesn't hurt anyone’
    • ‘He has never talked to Benjamin about his accomplishments, however, because it would be breaking the rules against bragging.’
    • ‘Too bad Ralph needs her to back up his bragging to a fellow worker.’
    • ‘Bragging might not always be a rational behavior.’
    • ‘Since the results came out at the end of April, the newspapers have been awash with bragging.’
    • ‘He carefully thinks about and believes what he says, and he can usually back up his bragging.’
    • ‘Hampering her diligent efforts was the unchecked bragging of more senior network executives.’
    • ‘His brief military career formed the basis of his bragging.’
    • ‘He himself contributes little beyond an "uh," some "ahs," and a little mild bragging.’
    • ‘After failing to win the award several years ago because of drunken bragging, Mansfield chooses to stop speaking.’
    • ‘There is no bragging, no lament.’


  • Exhibiting or characterized by excessive pride or boastfulness.

    ‘a competitive, bragging culture’
    ‘we became involved in a lively bragging session’
    • ‘She got real bragging points—and her second Best Actress Oscar—for totally de-glamorizing herself to play an aging, overweight, hard-drinking shrew.’
    • ‘UN prosecutors seek to prove his guilt by drawing on his wartime diaries, radio intercepts, and bragging appearances he made on television during the war.’
    • ‘There's a heroes' guild from which you choose quests, and a bragging platform where you gain additional fame by opting to take on specific missions.’
    • ‘A victory can work wonders—making your product look superior, making your website more impressive, and offering great bragging material.’
    • ‘That was completely a bragging statement, but I am just being honest.’
    • ‘Put simply, it's bragging time—not quite the "nah nah nah nah nah we're in government and you aren't" type, but close enough.’
    • ‘This week's show features a bragging competition in which freelance journalists may openly boast about how many free Xboxes they have so far obtained.’
    • ‘The bragging number of 30,000 is technically correct, but the real number sold is only 20,000.’
    • ‘He refers to Jan's account of his affair with a society lady as "the sort of bragging lie that kids like to tell."’
    • ‘Your bragging buddies turn to you, and this time you say, "I'm about to unleash my ideavirus!"’