Definition of Brady Bill in US English:

Brady Bill

(also Brady Law)


  • A provision of US federal law that requires a waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns.

    • ‘That's why, if the Supreme Court wants to save innocent lives, it should abolish the Brady Bill.’
    • ‘The Brady Bill recently became the Brady Law in a celebrated White House signing ceremony.’
    • ‘What few cases that are available are antiquated and do not provide guidance against the latest attempts to hack away at America's guarantee to arms: the Brady Bills I and II, gun-a-month laws, licensing, outrageous ammunition taxes, and other barriers.’
    • ‘The Brady Bill is an effective way of gun control with its background checks and five-day waiting period.’
    • ‘When Congress first heard of the Brady Bill, most Republicans and many Democrats balked at the idea.’
    • ‘She didn't tell you that on that courthouse step alone, fighting for the Brady Bill, there was one other woman - the Attorney General herself.’
    • ‘The status of the Brady Bill is examined; tenets of the Brady Bills before the Senate and the House of Representatives are compared.’
    • ‘There will be calls for Brady Bills for the automotive industry.’
    • ‘Strike the provisions that abolish the 5-day waiting period 5 years after enactment of the Brady Bill.’
    • ‘Although the Brady Bill doesn't appear to have caused a noticeable reduction in violent crime or homicides, it doesn't follow that the bill itself is useless.’
    • ‘Mafiosos don't have the concentration to write up zoning laws, Brady Bills, environmental regulations or the lot of it, and they're obviously not going to pursue prohibition.’
    • ‘Prior to the Brady Bill, these forms were kept on file with the dealer and were reviewed some time after the sale of the firearm.’
    • ‘It's great that the president let the Brady Bill expire, because now these guns are finally legal.’
    • ‘President Clinton fought the gun lobby and won common sense gun safety laws including the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban.’


Named for James S. Brady (1940–), who campaigned for the bill, which was signed into law in 1993. Brady was shot and seriously wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.


Brady Bill

/ˈbrādē ˌbil/