Definition of bracteole in US English:



  • A small bract, especially one on a floral stem.

    • ‘Mature flowers are scarlet without clear differentiation between bracteoles, sepals or petals.’
    • ‘Ontogenetic studies of the bracteoles in Chenopodiaceae could contribute to resolution of a robust phylogeny for the family.’
    • ‘Each fertile shoot is composed of two fused bracteoles, which surround the microsporophyll.’
    • ‘Segmented pedicels that bear mature fruiting bracteoles are present in Obione moneta, whereas bracteoles are strongly adherent to the stem in 0. leucoclada.’
    • ‘The genera of Atripliceae, as the tribe is traditionally defined, have flowers that are usually unisexual and enclosed by well-developed bracteoles.’