Definition of bracteolate in US English:



  • Having bracteoles.

    • ‘The Costa Rican material better concords with tribe Cheloneae sensu Thieret, characterized by bracteolate, cymose or racemose inflorescences and sterile posterior stamen filaments.’
    • ‘The flowers are regular, bisexual and borne in bracteolate, joined pedicels in axillary cymes.’
    • ‘Racemes are rather loose and open, the flowers widely spaced on minutely bracteolate pedicels mostly 4-10 mm long.’
    • ‘The most important differential characteristics of the section Trionychon are branched stems, bracteolate flowers, an entire and campanulated calyx, a blue or purple corolla, white anthers, and the stigma usually white.’
    • ‘These findings agree with Sousa and Rudd, who mention bracteolate flowers for Styphnolobium and ebracteolate flowers for Sophora s.s.’