Definition of braciola in US English:



  • A thin slice of beef or other meat wrapped around a filling and cooked in wine.

    • ‘Tourists, although initially hesitant to try the goat braciola during the festival, usually cannot resist their curiosity to try it - once they do, they are sold on it!’
    • ‘In the kitchen, marinara pots simmer with 100-year-old family recipes, potato gnocchi float delicately to the surface of boiling water, and braciola is prepared fork-tender.’
    • ‘On medium heat brown braciola on all sides, and remove from pan.’
    • ‘Place the braciola in a 350 degree oven and baste every 30 mins with the marinara sauce for an hour and a half.’
    • ‘Almost every bite had a different predominate taste from the stuffing, as a good braciola should.’
    • ‘When the time is up remove the braciola from the pot and let it cool some on a serving dish.’
    • ‘You want to keep the braciola together by wrapping it a little bit with the cotton thread.’
    • ‘Continue adding the remaining peeled tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce and diluted tomato pasta to the braciola in small amounts over the next 1/2 hour.’
    • ‘In Northern Italy, the word braciola can refer to slices pork similar to a scaloppina and cooked flat, not rolled.’
    • ‘With the rich braciola flavors, I'd suggest ordering a side of hearty rigatoni Bolognese.’
    • ‘I found that the flavors melded together nicely, and the braciola tasted even better the second day.’
    • ‘The cavatelli and braciola is one of our oldest dishes.’
    • ‘One hour before sauce is ready, add the beef or pork braciola and sausage.’
    • ‘The food writer has eaten more braciola stateside than in Italy, where, he says, it is less likely to be fussed with or overstuffed.’
    • ‘If you're just going to serve the braciola by itself, simmer for another hour.’
    • ‘Serve with a side of penne pasta in the same sauce as braciola along with a glass of red wine.’