Definition of brachyuran in US English:



  • A crab belonging to the brachyura suborder of crustaceans.

    • ‘The assemblage of decapods, one macruran, one anomuran and two brachyurans, is one that would be anticipated in the offshore, relatively quiet water setting of a delta front.’
    • ‘The taxon is unique among brachyurans due to its distinctive dorsal carapace ornamentation.’
    • ‘Based upon the morphology of the chela and appendages and the orientation of the appendages with respect to the carapace, the new material is not referable to any macruran groups and must be a brachyuran.’
    • ‘This feature is present in crayfish, thalassinids, and anomalans but is presumably lost in brachyurans.’
    • ‘Schram and Mapes erected the new genus, Imocaris, to contain the oldest known brachyuran, also from North America.’