Definition of brachial in US English:



  • 1Relating to the arm or to a structure resembling the arm.

    ‘the brachial artery’
    • ‘Occasionally, the axillary nerve or axillary artery may be injured; rarely, the brachial artery, brachial plexus, or another nerve may be injured.’
    • ‘Distension of the brachial artery during the cardiac cycle was measured as described previously.’
    • ‘Also a fleshy slip may also arise from the medial border of biceps and pass to the medial intermuscular septum or medial epicondyle over the brachial artery.’
    • ‘Angiographic findings include severe distal, segmental occlusive lesions, but the more proximal arteries (below the popliteal and distal to brachial branches) are normal.’
    • ‘Rib, clavicle, brachial plexus, and pulmonary injuries are commonly associated with scapula fractures.’
    1. 1.1Zoology Denoting the upper valve of a brachiopod's shell.
      • ‘The prominent beak of the pedicle valve usually overlaps that of the brachial valve, in order to allow the shell to open and close.’
      • ‘A few members of this group have the peculiarity of reflecting rather perfectly in the markings of their brachial valve the surface of the host shell to which the craniacean is attached.’
      • ‘It has a wide hinge line, and one concave valve, which may be either brachial or pedicle.’
      • ‘This differs from the crural plates described above in that no discrete plates can be discerned connecting to the floor of the brachial valve, and it is also in the form of a later overgrowth.’
      • ‘Acrotretids are usually round with a convex, cap-shaped brachial valve, and a flat pedicle valve.’


Late Middle English: from Latin brachialis, from brac(c)hium ‘arm’.