Definition of boxlike in US English:



  • See box

    • ‘The tricks behind this are contained in the ‘iSmell’ - a box-like accessory containing scented oils that are activated by signals in adverts and television programmes.’
    • ‘We didn't want it to be too box-like, so there are lots of different corners.’
    • ‘Its straggle of brightly-coloured box-like houses is dramatically set between steep stark mountains and a sound strewn, even at the height of midsummer, with huge stately icebergs.’
    • ‘The computer lab in which I work, housing 10 computers in a small, box-like room, becomes like a sauna, with 30-plus degree temperatures and an unbreathable air supply.’
    • ‘In these drawings, and others in which perspectives of box-like structures run off into the distance, transparent watercolour builds up overlapping areas, wash by wash.’