Definition of boxfish in US English:



  • A tropical marine fish that has a shell of bony plates enclosing the body, from which spines project.

    Family Ostraciontidae: numerous genera and species, including the widely distributed Tetrosomus gibbosus

    Also called trunkfish
    • ‘The marine boxfishes (Teleostei: Ostraciidae) are mostly shallow-water, tropical reef-dwelling fishes that have 2/3-3/4 of their bodies encased in rigid bony carapaces, which arc keeled with various protuberances.’
    • ‘Finally, some boxfishes and triggerfishes use an equally novel technique for capturing prey.’
    • ‘Squid, cuttlefish, boxfish, stingrays and flatheads can be found among the rocky sections.’
    • ‘Every sort of reef fish competed for meals, the oddest being the boxfish, trunkfish and filefish, all trying to feed through pursed lips.’
    • ‘While boxfishes have the ability to complete 360 [degrees] turns with turning radii of effectively zero, these turns are relatively slow (100 [degrees] / sec/total length) but with larger radii.’
    • ‘In most of the boxfishes, vortex circulation increased from the posterior 3/4 of the carapace to the posterior edge of the carapace, but surface pressures along the carapace did not decrease.’
    • ‘Squid, barracuda, and grouper were prevalent, as were French and Queen angelfish, small parrotfish, trumpet, and boxfishes.’
    • ‘Wrasse, butterflies, boxfish, porcupines and pufferfish round out the picture, while lyretail grouper, Napoleon wrasse and rock cod mix with regal, map and other angelfish.’
    • ‘There must have been at least half a dozen pepper morays, and we spotted a tiny juvenile boxfish hiding under the starboard side and looking like nothing so much as a bright yellow dice, less than the size of a thumbnail.’
    • ‘Like its relative the puffer fish, the boxfish propels itself by waving its dorsal fin (on top of its body) and its anal fin (on the bottom), and it steers primarily with its pectoral fins and tail fin.’
    • ‘Control for pitching is important for fish, such as boxfishes, that live in highly energetic waters with frequent external disturbances like turbulence.’
    • ‘Although differences in carapace morphology were apparent, vortical flow patterns around the four boxfishes were fairly consistent.’
    • ‘The boxfish, for example, is an aquatic tank with two bony skeletons, one on the inside to support its innards and one on the outside to deter predators.’
    • ‘Early morning, the light on the south side is blue and diffuse, and you have all the time in the world to get lost among the stonefish, boxfish, turtles, coral trout and, of course, the multicoloured riot of soft corals.’
    • ‘On the reef we came across the Hawaiian white-spotted toby, with its distinctive green eyes and white spots, and a little spotted boxfish, with its black markings.’
    • ‘We saw crabs, eels, batfish, unicornfish, pufferfish, boxfish, lionfish, squirrelfish, racoonfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish and angelfish, to name just a few.’
    • ‘It has profuse fish and invertebrate life, including groupers, emperor snappers, longhorn boxfish, sweetlips and large Discodoris boholensis nudibranchs.’
    • ‘In fact, speed is not a requirement for maneuverability as illustrated with the rigid-bodied boxfish and the fast start acceleration of fish from rest.’
    • ‘It allowed a good rest period before the excellent night dive off Namalatu beach, with wonderful Spanish dancer nudibranchs, bizarre boxfish, pufferfish, a squid and the spectacular reds and oranges of the corals.’
    • ‘To date we have tested our system on flow patterns generated by two- and three-blade propellers and, most recently, on volumetric mapping of the body of swimming boxfishes.’