Definition of box wrench in US English:

box wrench


  • A cylindrical wrench with a hexagonal end fitting over the head of a nut, used especially when the nut is difficult to reach.

    Also called box-end wrench
    • ‘With 22 tools, including seven Allen wrenches, three box wrenches, and two tire levers, the Topeak Alien comes equipped for any trail- or curbside repair.’
    • ‘A flat piece of metal slides away from the body to reveal 7 -, 8 -, 9- and 10-mm box wrenches, a flathead screwdriver and three spoke wrench sizes, and also snaps back into the body to form the handle of the chain tool.’
    • ‘You will find scissors, hook sharpener, knife blade, bottle opener, three box wrenches metric and inch scale.’
    • ‘I'd probably go with a box wrench there… more knuckle room.’
    • ‘You'll need a screwdriver, a small box wrench or crescent wrench, or if you have a 1/4 ‘drive socket set that's even better.’’
    • ‘One half contains a chain tool with 8-mm hex key built in, 8 -, 9- and 10-mm box wrenches, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener and three spoke wrench sizes.’
    • ‘Back off the 1 1/16-inch hex nut on the screw with a box wrench and voilà!’
    • ‘The two-piece detectable halves provide easy access to each tool, while the locking mechanism keeps higher-torque instruments (such as the box wrenches and knife) from folding back under load.’
    • ‘You can adjust the rear travel with a 5mm hex wrench and a 10 mm box wrench, but you'll want to adjust the shock's air pressure, too.’


box wrench

/ˈbäks ˌrenCH/