Definition of box step in English:

box step


  • A dance step in which the feet describe the form of a square or rectangle.

    • ‘The patch on my foot was thick and nearly made a tap shoe sound when I walked, so it was possible for me to do a box step barefoot, to entertain friends and relatives at Thanksgiving and Christmas.’
    • ‘Even this, though, is said jovially - he throws his all into everything he does, and would undoubtedly be able to drum up his usual super-human gusto even for the box step.’
    • ‘For the next two weeks, we will be learning only the basic box step for the waltz and the swing.’
    • ‘Stan grinned, following my lead of a traditional box step.’
    • ‘What clinched it for me is when we started doing box steps, in-in-out-out, tap outs, and all of my favorite aerobic moves and combinations.’
    • ‘They often meet for the first time in a Board of Education night class or a dance studio, where they must come to grips with the proper dance hold and the box step.’
    • ‘Ok, you got that down good, so why don't we try the box step?’
    • ‘Bells tapped clearly as she began to smoothly glide in a simple box step, gesturing gently.’
    • ‘From here the album unfurls like a snapping gray flag: ‘Sleepwalking Ballad’ is an up-tempo box step with flashes of grandeur when the melody intermittently shouts its theretofore tacit crescendo.’
    • ‘They gave us box steps and synchronized mimed guitar playing, full-body waves and moonwalks, Egyptian hieroglyphic poses and robotic perambulations, with slow-motion transitions between songs.’
    • ‘I get horrible high-school musical flashbacks from ‘Finian's Rainbow’ - something about doing a box step on a hay bale while wearing a poofy gingham dress, and then everything sort of goes black.’
    • ‘We can't hope to match the moves they've picked up from music videos, but maybe we can still teach them to do the twist, to walk like an Egyptian, or to take our hands and join us in a simple box step.’