Definition of box stall in US English:

box stall


  • An enclosed area in a barn in which a single animal can move around freely.

    • ‘They offer eight box stalls with wood floors, straw and hay.’
    • ‘I led a rather reluctant Glory up the much larger ramp into the plane and led him into a small box stall prepared for him.’
    • ‘Consequently, daily, forced exercise for horses confined to box stalls may better prepare them for future mechanical stress.’
    • ‘Both groups were housed in 3.6 - × 3.6-m box stalls throughout the experimental period.’
    • ‘A typical box stall is usually 10 feet X 12 feet, or 100 to 144 square feet.’
    • ‘Horses were kept in 3.7-x 3.7-m box stalls and fed the same diet as during Phase I.’
    • ‘Hoss chose not to look over the edge of the box stall.’
    • ‘I was reserved to box stalls in the Scottish stabling area, seeing as I'm the only ‘Yank’ as they like to call me.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the smaller the box stall, the greater the chance of your horse developing an abnormal habit, e.g., cribbing.’