Definition of box someone out in US English:

box someone out

phrasal verb

  • Block an opponent from an area by the position of one's body.

    ‘Miller neglected to box out his man in the final seconds’
    • ‘But in addition to defending the pick-and-roll, Madsen is more adept than Kandi at creating space in the paint by wrangling for inside position and then boxing out.’
    • ‘But teams with depth and big bodies who can box out are trouble.’
    • ‘However, Georgetown stunk in those down-to-earth intangibles they used to excel at, such as boxing out, forcing opponents into bad shots, and making the extra dish.’
    • ‘Instead, it hit the skids because of breakdowns in basic areas: boxing out on the offensive boards, foul shooting, perimeter defense and shot selection.’
    • ‘Being a skilled rebounder requires knowing how to properly box out the opponent.’