Definition of box lunch in US English:

box lunch


  • An individual lunch carried in a box rather than a bag.

    • ‘While visiting Bhutan, I vividly recall being on the edge of one of the great National Parks, having a picnic box lunch by a beautiful fast-flowing mountain river.’
    • ‘A man with a long white ponytail, sitting on a metal bench just in front of the pulpit, was trying to eat his box lunch in peace.’
    • ‘The most popular items are $5 box lunches featuring a sandwich and a snack.’
    • ‘‘Oh God, we're not going to have enough food,’ Galvez says, eyeing the crowd lined up for box lunches.’
    • ‘Grab a box lunch built around a smoked turkey, smoked ham, or avocado-veggie sandwich at the Red Rock Bakery & Internet Cafe.’
    • ‘We came up on a small town where a truck was waiting with our box lunches.’
    • ‘The class, scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m., includes breakfast and a box lunch.’
    • ‘Emi found her friend in a secluded spot in the yard, sitting up against a tree as she idly munched on a box lunch, looking perfectly content to enjoy her meal without any need of companionship.’
    • ‘Leaving from the Royal Cliff the vessel will cruise the islands, stopping for a picnic box lunch with swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling also being on the itinerary for this relaxed family day.’
    • ‘I think they are interested in coming up in the spring for a box lunch and demonstration.’
    • ‘The trails lure sunbathing tourists away from the beaches for a day, and their visits are supported by a network of Saint Lucians - including tour operators, taxi drivers, guides and the cooks who prepare box lunches.’
    • ‘This year, many will offer box lunches for people walking through the area.’
    • ‘The tournament is open to the first 144 registrants at a cost of $100, which includes 18 holes, a cart, box lunch, refreshments, prizes, and a reception at the resort.’
    • ‘The food in a standard box lunch is not rated to last longer than 4 hours.’
    • ‘Pat looked up from her box lunch resting on the desk in the classroom.’
    • ‘The arrestees were released around noon, and the officials even bought them box lunches.’
    • ‘The typical day trip leaves in the morning, does a dive, breaks on some convenient beach for a box lunch and after a rest, another dive before heading back in mid to late afternoon.’
    • ‘We now offer small gourmet box lunches, and they're a popular item for us.’
    • ‘Back in December 2002, the warden at Lancaster prison in Los Angeles County removed fresh fruit from box lunches in the maximum-security lockup, as an effort to reduce violence.’
    • ‘It's the perfect place to devour the inn's scrumptious box lunches.’


box lunch

/ˈbɑks ˌləntʃ//ˈbäks ˌlənCH/