Definition of box beam in US English:

box beam


  • another term for box girder
    • ‘Once the walls are completed, a plywood box beam is laid on top to ensure equal distribution of the roof loads and equal compression of the walls.’
    • ‘Constructed by Waagner Biro, the roof comprises a steel lattice of purpose-made steel box beams jointed at six-way nodes supporting 3312 triangular glass panels, each one differing in size and shape to accommodate the complex form.’
    • ‘Thirty or so red-painted A-frame ‘ladders’ were scattered around the hall; solid timbers and larger open or closed box beams stretched from the rungs of one ladder to another and sometimes to a third.’
    • ‘Structurally, the essential proposition is simple: a welded and bolted aluminium box beam spans simply from one building to the other; its section changes according to stresses and the geometry of the frames.’
    • ‘The primary structure was a box beam, comprising two main beams.’
    • ‘The fine steel lattice is constructed from custom-made steel box beams joined at six-way nodes.’