Definition of bowser in US English:



  • A tanker used for fueling aircraft and other vehicles or for supplying water.

    • ‘Over the next 7 hours, fuels technicians filled and emptied seven fuel bowsers without further incident.’
    • ‘In return, the federal government would fund two-thirds of the cost of installing fuel bowsers at the community - a basic facility that all settlements should have in any case.’
    • ‘I went to see the residents and we did our best to alleviate any problems, including hiring road sweepers and water bowsers.’
    • ‘In Indonesia work has included providing mobile water treatment works to benefit 25,000 people and in Sri Lanka it has set up bowsers to supply drinking water to 250,000 and handed out 50,000 jerry cans to families.’
    • ‘One of the ideas we are chewing over is whether to invest in new gum-busting machines and their powerful water bowsers to add to the equipment already owned by the city council.’


1920s: from the name of a company of oil storage engineers.