Definition of bowls in US English:


plural noun

  • 1treated as singular A game played with heavy balls, the object of which is to propel one's ball so that it comes to rest as close as possible to a previously bowled small ball (the jack); lawn bowling.

    • ‘Betong, a Thai version of lawn bowls, is becoming increasingly popular.’
    • ‘Short mat indoor bowls re-commenced on Tuesday night at the Town Hall.’
    • ‘The club will travel to play bowls in Mountmellick on Tuesday, May 25.’
    • ‘The Kalbarri Golf Club was founded in 1969 and in 1980, members of the club also installed two greens so that lawn bowls could also be played.’
    • ‘It will include badminton courts, weights and other gym equipment, indoor bowls, aerobics, football and basketball.’
    • ‘I meet up with former work colleagues on Thursday afternoons, in winter for snooker in South Bank, in summer for bowls in Rowntree Park.’
    • ‘However, as time went on she entered into the activities of the home and in time was participating in all kinds of things from bingo and indoor bowls to singing which she always loved.’
    • ‘Perth's suburbs and streets have English names and gardens full of pruned roses, and retirees in starched white play sedate games of lawn bowls in quiet suburbs.’
    • ‘The format of the match, which was held at Thanet Road, saw each triple having two woods, playing two games of both indoor bowls and short mat.’
    • ‘Since his retirement he'd taken up playing golf, lawn bowls and bingo but other than that most of his time was spent in his garden, of which he was very proud.’
    • ‘They say writing letters to the editor of the local paper is a sure sign of the onset of senility, along with talking to yourself and playing bingo or lawn bowls.’
    • ‘Lawn bowls, fishing and jogging all proved popular, and several crew members were lucky enough to fly with Horn Island-based Coastwatch.’
    • ‘Now Ian aims to spend the money on a family holiday to the United States, but first he will be trying to land traditionally the biggest prize in bowls, The Waterloo, when it starts this weekend.’
    • ‘Sam's great-grandparents also competed for England in bowls.’
    • ‘Of all the many sports in which she has found success since, from skiing to lawn bowls to table tennis to powerlifting, Moffat has never quite got round to putting things right when it comes to netball.’
    • ‘However, it is not proposing the bowls centres and golf course be shut.’
    • ‘A game of bowls, of course, will follow the meeting.’
    • ‘I took up pursuits and hobbies such as chess and bowls previously denied me.’
    • ‘Other variants such as carpet bowls and indoor bowls have been popular at one time or another.’
    • ‘It is the role of the shooters to hit and move the cochonnet to their team's advantage, in much the same way as you would move the jack in lawn bowls.’
    1. 1.1 Tenpin bowling or skittles.
      • ‘To escape the downpour, they played ten pin bowls at the local alley, after which the rain cleared for a bushwalk on the last day.’
      • ‘They and their guests went straight from the marriage ceremony to AMF Bowling, in Keighley, for a game of ten-pin bowls!’
      • ‘The councillor who strongly supported adding a ten-pin bowling alley and indoor bowls to the Pickaquoy Centre has given up his fight.’
      • ‘From bowls you will receive self satisfaction, fellowship and healthy competition.’
      • ‘The Bradford team will be competing in swimming, carpet bowls, ten-pin bowling, athletics and power-lifting.’