Definition of bowling ball in US English:

bowling ball


  • 1A large, heavy ball with holes for the thumb and two fingers, used in tenpin bowling.

    • ‘She picked up a bowling ball and put her fingers in the holes.’
    • ‘Another little useful tool to have is a sanding disc, a round items that normally attaches to the sander your pro shop uses to smooth out the inside of the bowling ball holes.’
    • ‘As soon as I got home, I went online and ordered bowling shoes, a bowling instruction book and a bowling ball that looks like a giant golf ball.’
    • ‘And the grown-up style helped, too - the sleek, aero profile and visor make it look like Mom's and Dad's, not like a bowling ball sitting on his head as so many other kiddie helmets do.’
    • ‘A particle bowling ball is super-sensitive to the lane condition - it won't skid as much on oil and it won't snap as hard on dry conditions.’
    • ‘The busker paused to thank her with a smile, before raising the saxophone to his lips and puffing out his cheeks like he'd just consumed a ten-pin bowling ball.’
    • ‘When a bowling ball is too heavy, you may start forcing your body into some bad habits, such as dropping the ball too quickly into your swing, moving the ball too early or too late, or setting the ball onto the lane too soon.’
    • ‘Neglecting air resistance, a tiny marble will fall just as fast as a heavy bowling ball.’
    • ‘It was a nice sized rock, about the size of a large bowling ball, probably heavier.’
    • ‘They were like two perfectly round bowling balls, only they weighed less and didn't have holes… that I could see.’
    • ‘I decided that I'd go for the wussy less heavy bowling balls, in an attempt to regain control over the apparently magnetic gutters.’
    • ‘Alex was familiar with the old rubber-sheet analogy of how mass warped space - a bowling ball would depress the sheet, making a depression into which, say, marbles would roll.’
    • ‘Erin climbed up to her feet, and she felt as if her head weighed as much as a bowling ball, it was too heavy to keep up.’
    • ‘Despite the snaking fingers of electricity jolting through it, the Eye of the Universe felt just as cool as a bowling ball, and equally as heavy.’
    • ‘There's the guys carrying the beads, each one big as a bowling ball, only not as heavy, of course.’
    • ‘This led to very interesting cave formations on the hill. it looked like a green-beige bowling ball with a few too many holes.’
    • ‘I likened it to a drunk trying to walk while holding a bowling ball between his knees.’
    • ‘It's like a bowling ball sitting on top of your shoulders.’
    • ‘But the raindrops weren't as they were, each drop was heavy, like bowling balls crashing into the ground, pelting Jude to his knees.’
    • ‘Don, whose thumb got stuck in a bowling ball and went halfway down the alley with his ball, went easy on his swings and shot one of his better games.’
    1. 1.1 A smaller, holeless ball used in candlepin and duckpin bowling.