Definition of bowling alley in US English:

bowling alley


  • 1A long narrow track along which balls are rolled in the games of bowling (tenpin, candlepin, or duckpin) or skittles.

    • ‘There are Times Square like video screens, and seven story shops selling all manner of DVDs, CDs and video games, with bowling alleys lit in fluorescent blue on the top floor.’
    • ‘Hiroshi's idea was to use these empty bowling alleys as shooting ranges for the light guns and simulated clay pigeons with solar-celled light detectors.’
    • ‘The dojo was in a sports centre with a bowling alley.’
    • ‘Although the county council is already planning a leisure centre, the inclusion of a bowling alley and ice rink, as well as a swimming pool and multi-gym, has been suggested.’
    • ‘Kim checks out his moves on the dance floor, Gloria tests his temperament at the ten-pin bowling alley, and Angie makes him sweat in a flight simulator.’
    • ‘With 6 cinema theatres, 8 bowling alleys, a games arcade, a food court and also a creche, the managers of the multiplex hope to double their customer base during the weekends.’
    • ‘Yamauchi thought that instead they could use these bowling alleys as electronic shooting ranges with simulated clay pigeons.’
    • ‘Thursday afternoon we all pile onto the bus and leave the camp to go to this skating rink and a bowling alley that's got mini golf and an arcade and stuff like that.’
    • ‘If you start to feel as if you're in a bowling alley instead of on a golf course, some serious tree removal may be required.’
    • ‘The building which housed Britain's first ten-pin bowling alley was set to be turned into a family home.’
    • ‘The amusement arcade comes with bowling alley, video games, snooker parlour and kiddy rides while about 75 per cent of an entire floor is earmarked for food courts.’
    • ‘The airlines can't fill it up with bowling alleys and boutiques.’
    • ‘Raised by nannies, she had the run of a house that boasted an indoor skating rink, a computerised bowling alley, a room devoted to wrapping presents and a whole floor reserved for wardrobes.’
    • ‘Located on the fourth floor of the Hotel Equatorial, the International Club has undergone complete renovations, bidding farewell to the out-of-date bowling alleys.’
    • ‘Yes, it has certain facilities, an ice rink, a bowling alley, a bingo hall and a cinema, but all of these have become very safe and staid, a respectable form of entertainment aimed at particular niches.’
    • ‘After eating and the boss picking up the tab which was really cool and kind, we strolled along the prom to the bowling alley.’
    • ‘After I read it, I couldn't wait to get to the bowling alley and try her tips.’
    • ‘Sugar maple, for example, makes good syrup and hardwood flooring for basketball courts and bowling alleys; not so with red maple.’
    • ‘The councillor who strongly supported adding a ten-pin bowling alley and indoor bowls to the Pickaquoy Centre has given up his fight.’
    • ‘Officers encouraged the army to ban alcohol and gambling and to provide band concerts, bowling alleys, billiard tables, and other wholesome activities.’
    1. 1.1 A building containing long narrow tracks used in bowling games.
      • ‘Overwhelmed by today's session, the Kiwis are planning to visit Mayajaal entertainment complex on Sunday to chill out at the bowling alley for an altogether different ball game.’
      • ‘The dialogue here dramatizes a reality: Even African American kids who play innocently at bowling alleys and are not involved with gangs are victims of terror that comes ‘out of nowhere.’’
      • ‘Kirkwall's new ten-pin bowling alley is due to open next month.’
      • ‘The phenomenal success of pool-tables and the growing ‘snookering’ culture among the urban youth are forcing city entrepreneurs to think in terms of virtual reality games and bowling alleys.’
      • ‘A privately run ten-pin bowling alley could be up and running in Kirkwall by the middle of next year, following initial support for the scheme by councillors this week.’
      • ‘If Cathal and Orla fancy a break from skiing, the town boasts a ten-pin bowling alley, a bucking bronco, a swimming pool and an outdoor ice rink.’
      • ‘After we had stuffed ourselves with pasta and salad, the six of us decided on a few games at the bowling alley.’
      • ‘Whether a mobster shootout or the beginning of a spicy romance, it's always better if it happens in a bowling alley.’
      • ‘The supermarket, the motel, the freeway, and the ten-pin bowling alley all made their appearance in the 1950s.’
      • ‘From there, they went to a late movie and then played games at the bowling alley until it closed.’
      • ‘So I've now become obsessed with all the things to do at the mega ten pin bowling alley.’
      • ‘And Garth was talking about playing pool at the bowling alley.’
      • ‘There are plans to provide an ice rink, a roller-skating rink, a bowling alley and a community sports centre there.’
      • ‘Sean explains all this on a Sunday night at the Lynnwood Roll-A-Way, a little public rink tucked behind a bowling alley just off Highway 99.’
      • ‘The town provided a ten-pin bowling alley, a new hostelry, the popular teenage Metro club and the proposed new seafront two-screen cinema would have a children's creche.’
      • ‘There are many after-hours outings to baseball games and bowling alleys, a basketball tournament, and floorwide ‘super loader’ contests.’
      • ‘There is also a ten pin bowling alley and parking for 150 cars.’
      • ‘A public consultation threw up several possible ideas such as reinstating the building as a cinema or transforming it into dance studios, a 10-pin bowling alley or ice skating rink.’
      • ‘If it is adventure she wants, we invite her very warmly to Bangalore, with all our pubs, go-karting tracks, bowling alleys and water sports centres and autorickshaws.’
      • ‘There are an abundance of shops, restaurants, karaoke bars, brothels, ten-pin bowling alleys, billiard halls and pubs in the three foreigner hotels to spend the aforementioned Euros.’
      • ‘Marinas in Kirkwall and Stromness look set to go ahead next year while a publicly funded ten-pin bowling alley gets shelved in favour of a private project.’
      • ‘A ten-pin bowling alley is also planned for the future, according to Lens.’


bowling alley

/ˈbōliNG ˌalē//ˈboʊlɪŋ ˌæli/