Definition of bowl someone over in US English:

bowl someone over

phrasal verb

  • 1Knock someone down.

    • ‘Jennifer jumped to the ground as her father bowled the man over.’
    • ‘I gathered my legs beneath me and leapt from the tree, bowling Sara to the ground in a single motion.’
    • ‘I raced from my room as soon as I heard it, bowling my small, round father over in the process.’
    • ‘The spectre shoved the corpse into a nearby gathering of troops, surprising them briefly when he charged into them, bowling them to the ground.’
    • ‘Aligore dove forward, throwing his bulk against Tom and the children, bowling them to the ground.’
    • ‘they fling themselves onto an unsuspecting Connor, bowling him over and knocking him against a wall’
    • ‘And since then he hasn't exactly bowled himself into the ground.’
    • ‘They shared a devious look before launching themselves on Blair with fluffy pillows, bowling her to the ground.’
    • ‘Johann Louw will again be bowled into the ground, but support is lacking.’
    • ‘Drake gasped as the woman's knee came up quickly to connect with his midsection, knocking the wind out of him and bowling him over.’
    knock down, knock over, bring down, fell, floor, prostrate
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    1. 1.1informal Completely overwhelm or astonish someone, for example by one's good qualities or looks.
      ‘when he met Angela he was just bowled over by her’
      • ‘Once again I was bowled over by the quality of the dancers.’
      • ‘Rather, it was built to impress man, bowl him over with its magnitude, and remind him what an insignificant twit he really is.’
      • ‘Even just a simple Thank You card given at the holidays or the end of the school term could be enough to bowl them over in shock.’
      • ‘Speaking from his base in New York, the Wet, Wet, Wet frontman with the twinkly eyes and winning smile, explained he was bowled over by the quality of the songs in Chicago.’
      • ‘I'd love to be bowled over by somebody who I worship the ground they walk on, but it hasn't happened.’
      • ‘When the Weekender interviewed Mary at the time she was bowled over with a mixture of shock and excitement.’
      • ‘He told me later that evening to pack my bags, I though he was throwing me out and when I asked him this, he was bowled over with laughter.’
      • ‘They're amazed at this bizarre situation and it completely bowls Moxey over.’
      • ‘Tenpins bowls over rivals in Fayette on closing day at Keeneland’
      • ‘First produced in Marie's home city in 1999, the play has gone on to enjoy unprecedented success in London's West End and Broadway, where even the, hard to impress, Sligo Weekender Editor was bowled over by it.’
      overwhelm, astound, amaze, astonish, surprise, impress, overawe, dumbfound, stagger, stun, daze, bewilder, nonplus, shock, startle, shake, take aback, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast
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